Dorothy Dobie's Photo Album :
Port Arthur, Ontario, c.1906-1910

Dorothy Dobie

Dorothy Jean Dobie was born in Port Arthur, Ontario, on July 10, 1906. She was the eldest child of Joshua Coatsworth Dobie and Dora Lovell Meikle. Her younger brother, Edward Russell Coatsworth Dobie (Russ), was born August 14, 1907. The photos pasted into this album are mainly of these two as infants. A couple of photos also include their next sibling, William Lovell Dobie, who was born September 28, 1909.

Most of the photos were taken at 12 South High Street, Port Arthur, or next door at the home of Dora's parents, John Lovell Meikle and Jeanne (Milne) Meikle.

I've divided this album page into two sections -- the first is of the photos pasted onto the album pages plus two loose photos which are obviously of the same era. The second section contains the remaining loose photos, most unidentified, which range up to the late 1930's or even later. I've identified the people where possible, but most are a mystery.

The album's cover is shown at the right, reduced to 40% of its size. Most of the internal pages are loose, so there is no way to determine the original page order. They are listed here in the order in which I found them.

Mounted Photos : Loose Photos :