Obituary of John Archibald Dobie, 1937


His many friends in the Annan district will learn with regret of the death, which occurred on Saturday, of Mr John Archibald Dobie, farmer, Hitchel, Cummertrees. Mr Dobie had been suffering from heart trouble and while he had been able to go about the farm from time to time he never really recovered, and his death at the comparatively early age of sixty-four has come as a great shock to his many friends. He was one of the most widely known farmers in the Annan district, and was a familiar figure at local markets and agricultural gatherings in the county.

Mr Dobie was the son of the late Mr Alexander Dobie, Hitchel. He was born at Cummertrees, and had lived there all his life. On the death of his father, thirty-three years ago, he took over the farm of Hitchel with his younger brother, Mr Henry Dobie, and together they built up a fine herd of dairy cattle and stud Clydesdale horses. As a feeder of black-faced lambs Mr Dobie had few equals, and for the long period of twenty years he was one of the leading exhibitors at fat stock shows. It was in the Clydesdale world perhaps that Mr Dobie was most widely known. He was an expert breeder, and his stock was well known throughout the country. No later than last year his famous colt foals won most of the premier honours at local shows. The more prosaic aspects of farming were also carried through with a marked degree of specialisation and a studied regard for modern methods of husbandry. The benefit of his long experience in all branches of husbandry and stock breeding was often sought, and his encouragement and advice has been appreciated by many agriculturalists. Mr Dobie took no part in public affairs, but both he and the members of his family were well-known figures in the social life of Cummertrees and Annan.

Mr Dobie is survived by Mrs Dobie, who is the third daughter of the late Mr Robert Wright Murray, Cummertrees Mill, and a family of two sons and six daughters.

The funeral took place yesterday to Cummertrees Cemetery, and was very largely attended. The pall-bearers were Mr A. Dobie (son), Mr R. Dobie (son), Mr H. L. Dobie (brother), Mr. L. S. Ritchie (son-in-law), Mr. R. Broatch (son-in-law), Mr James Paterson (cousin), Mr G. Sloan (cousin), and Mr R. C. Murray (brother-in-law).

Obituary of John Archibald Dobie
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