Seven photos are shown here. The top photo with surprinted identification was provided by Michael Cooke who says that the photographer's name at the bottom of the photo is 'J & J Brown ANNAN'. From the background he thinks it was taken at the Hitchell -- sometimes called Hitchill -- farm the family ran. See the descendant chart for this family.

See new info posted February 16-23, & March 7, 2007, below the photo.
Family of Alexander Dobie and Janet Sloan

February 15 to 23, & March 7, 2007: There is still a conflict with a couple of the names of the people above. However, they appear to be:

Back row, l to r: Probably Henry Longfellow Dobie, Isabella Jane Anderson (Dobie) Boyd (this is a pasted-in photo as she had moved to South Africa before the photo was taken), Janet Paterson (Dobie) Byers, James Alexander Dobie, and John Archibald Dobie.
Middle row, l to r: Mary Margaret Dobie, Alexander Dobie, and Janet (Sloan) Dobie.
Front: Probably Robert Flint Dobie.

The conflict in identification is between the two youngest sons -- it is possible that Robert Flint Dobie is back row left, and Henry Longfellow Dobie is at the front.

Michael Cooke says: "Since sending the photo I have discovered that the lady in the middle at the back is Janet P. Dobie. I always assumed the the lady sitting on the left would Isabella, the oldest daughter, but agree it could be Mary. However, I don't believe the young man in the front is Robert. Henry L. Dobie was the youngest of the family and the chap in the front looks the youngest. I also have a picture of Robert as an older man and he looks more like the man as indicated. My mother, although only 11 when Henry died, is also sure he is the one in the front. She used to help him on his milk rounds on occasions."

in a series of emails says: " . . . . I have the same picture (which was definitely taken at Hitchell in Cummertrees) as it was given to me by my grandmother, who is Mary Margaret Dobie in the picture, sitting at left in the front. . . . . I can correct some more of the misplaced names that you have in the picture. Bottom front is Robert Dobie, Back left is Henry Longfellow Dobie (who never married; he worked with his brother on the Hitchell until his death in 1947. He was killed by a bull on the farm) I have another picture of him with the milk delivery cart that he operated from Hitchell. These facts were given to me by my grandmother Mary Margaret Dobie Helme (pictured at front left). She married Isaac Helme, and had 5 children in Dumfries; in 1913 they sailed to the United States where they lived the rest of their lives."

Family of Alexander Dobie and Janet Sloan

The photo above was provided by . She identifies the people as follows:

Left to right, back row: Robert Dobie; Henry Dobie; Isaac Helme; Mary Margaret (Maggie) Dobie Helme, age 32; Winnifred Murray Dobie (?); David Byers, John Archibald Dobie.
Front row: Janet Paterson Dobie Byers, age 33; Alexander Dobie, age 72; Janet (Jessie) Sloan Dobie, age 62/63.

Picture taken in late Summer or early Fall, 1901.

Janet Sloan Dobie Janet Sloan Dobie
Janet (Jessie) Sloan Dobie.
Left photo provided by Janet Helme Waggoner, right photo by Michael Cooke.

Alexander Dobie
Alexander Dobie.
Mary Margaret Dobie
Mary Margaret Dobie.
Both photos provided by Michael Cooke.

Henry Longfellow Dobie
This is Henry Longfellow Dobie with the Hitchel Creamery Wagon, date unknown.
Photo provided by Janet Helme Waggoner.