This is a transcript of a photocopied list obtained from the Dobie Clan of North America.

Copy of notes supplied by Percy Dobie, Chester. Said to be all references to "Dobie" contained in Tinwald Records at registry Office, Edinburgh, 17.5.1944.

DATE           FATHER         MOTHER            CHILD       RESIDENCE
1787.July 6    Alex Dobie     --                James       Shaws
1789.Aug. 7    Alex Dobie     --                Joseph      Shaws
1790.Sept. 9   Alex Dobie     Jean Black        Jannet      Hardbush
1792.Dec. 13   Alex Dobie     --                Hugh        Shaws
1793.Jan. 1    Alex Dobie     Jean Black        Hugh        Hardbush
1794.Jan. 1    Alex Dobie     Jean Black        Hugh        Hardbush

          Note: The Registration of Hugh Dobie is found also above
          under the year 1793; but from a family Bible and other
          collateral testimony it is found to be incorrect in regard
          to the year which was the year 1794; certified by me,
          J.C.Loraine, Minister of Tinwald.

1794.Sept. 18  Alex Dobie     --                Janet       Shaws
1795.Dec. 1    Alex Dobie     Jean Black        Betty       Hardbush
1797.Mar. 24   Alex Dobie     --                Alexander   Shaws
1798.July 19   Alex Dobie     Jean Black        Alexander   Hardbush
1801.Aug. 27   Alex Dobie     --                Helen       Shaws
1808.Feb. 14   Andrew Dobie   Agnes Bell        James       Parkbrow
1810.Mar. 13   John Dobie     Marion Burgess    Robert      Hardbush
1811.July 4    John Dobie     Marion Burgess    Jane        Hardbush
1811.July 13   Wm. Broach     Jane Dobie        Jane        Parkbrow
1811.Oct. 3    John Ross      Margaret Dobie    Janet       Hightown
1812.Apr. 19   Jas. Aitken    Mary Dobie        Alex'r  Lochar[brigs?]
1813.Oct. 11   Wm. Broach     Jean Dobie        Janet       Parkbrow
1814.Apr. 24   John Ross      Margaret Dobie    Barbara     Hightown
1815.Mar. 11   Wm. Heinis?    Mary Dobie        William     Hardbush
1815.June 20   John Dobie     Marion Burgess    Alexander   Hardbush
1817.Apr. 20   John Dobie     Marion Burgess    Janet       Hardbush
1819.July 15   Edward Robson  Elizabeth Dobie   Jane        Barrhill
1821.Feb. 28   Edward Robson  Elizabeth Dobie   Thomas      Barrhill
1822.Oct. 19   Edward Robson  Betty Dobie       Mary        Barrhill
1827.Jan. 31   Edward Robson  Elizabeth Dobie   James       Barrhill
1827.July 10   Alex Dobie     Elizabeth Robson  Hugh      Ling[']dbrae
1829.Sept. 18  Edward Robson  Elizabeth Dobie   Hugh        Barrhill
1830.Mar. 16   Alex Dobie     Elizabeth Robson  James       Annfield
1831.Jan. 31   John Aitken    Janet Dobie       Alexander   Hardbush
1833.Aug. 27   John Aitken    Janet Dobie       James       Hardbush
1834.June 20   Wm. Hunter     Jane Dobie        David       Hardbush
1835.Oct. 22   Edward Robson  Elizabeth Dobie   Edward      Barthill
1836.June 13   Wm. Hunter     Jane Dobie        Marion
                                                Burgess     Hardbush
1838.Jan. 13   John Aitken    Janet Dobie       Jane        Hardbush
1838.July 16   Wm. Hunter     Jane Dobie        John      Lingandbrae?
1839.Jan. 9    Edward Robson  Elizabeth Dobie   Elizabeth   Barthill
1841.Jan. 12   John Aitken    Janet Dobie       Grace       Hardbush
1841.Dec. 11   Alex Dobie     Isabella Craik    James       Hardbush
1842.Sept. 14  Alex Dobie     Isabella Craik    Jane Black  Hardbush
1845.Sept. 22  Alex Dobie     Isabella Craik    Janet       Hardbush
1847.June 18   Alex Dobie     Isabella Craik    Marion      Hardbush
1850.June 3    Alex Dobie     Isabella Craik John & Margaret  Hardbush
1853.July 5    Alex Dobie     Isabella Craik    Mary        Hardbush

[Written at the bottom of this list:]

"James Dobie son of Alex Dobie in Shaws was born 6th July 1787"
[above entry added to the top of this list -CD]

"The above note is from an odd page amongst church documents of
Tinwald Church.  The page is headed "Tinwald Register of Marriages
since Mr. Marshall's admission 18 March 1762".  The page is completed
with entries of marriages but overleaf there are two or three entries
of births and the above is the last entry.  The rest of the page is
blank but for pencilled figures and the page being detached has
escaped being sent to the Records Office Edinburgh.  The page was
shown to me . . ." [the last line of this page cut off by photocopier.