Descendants Of William Dobie & Mary Lindsay

(Lineage of Percy Dobie of Chester)

This is a transcript of a photocopy obtained from the Dobie Clan of North America. The transcript is of a hand-drawn chart done by Percy Dobie, 122 Vicars Cross, Chester, and dated 13 March, 1944. Some of his handwriting is hard to read, and due to my unfamilliarity with British place names, I have guessed at some of the names if I couldn't find them on my large-scale road map of Scotland.

May 24, 2002 : Allan Anderson of Liverpool, UK, kindly provided me with an extensive update on the Anderson connection found on this page. In addition, he provided corrections to many of the geographic names I had previously guessed at. A link to the several pages of his updates is found below in this list. Unfortunately, Allan's contact information and website no longer work.

William Dobie, b. Mainsriddle, m. Mary Lindsay, b. __-___-1764,
Mainsriddle, d. 2-Dec-1850, buried: Southwick.  William died 1-Feb-
1829, buried: Southwick. Mary: Living with James & Mary Crocket in
1841.  Died at age 86.
     I.   John Dobie b. __-___-1786, m. Helen McHolme, b. __-___-1785,
          d. 5-Jul-1864, Little Lever.  John died 20-Jan-1877.  Died
          at age 91. Helen: Died at age 79.
          A.   John Alexander Dobie b. __-___-1810, Galloway (?).
               Percy Dobie cites 1851 census.
          B.   William Dobie b. 10-Sep-1811, Scotland.  Percy Dobie
               cites 1851 & 1861 Census.
          Some descendants of the above two:
               John Dobie, b. 1839.        | No descendants traced.
               Margaret Dobie, b. 1841.    | No descendants traced.
               John Clayton Dobie, b. 1840.| Many descendants of the
               Robert Dobie, b. 1841.      | rest are living in Bolton
               Eleanor Dobie, b. 1844.     | district, Lancs.
               William S. Dobie, b. 1846.  |
               Bella Dobie, b. 1849.       |
               Mary Jane Dobie, b. 1851.   |
               Joanna Dobie, b. 1856.      |
               Joseph Thomas Dobie, b. 1859.|
     II.  Agnes Dobie b. __-___-1793, d. 21-Sep-1811.  Died at age 18.
     III. William Dobie m. Mary Irvine, b. __-___-1791, d. 28-Dec-
          1853, buried: Dumfries; St. Mary's.  William died 1821, at
          sea.  Mary: Died at age 65.
          A.   James Dobie b. 18-Feb-1819, Dumfries, SCT, m. unknown.
               James died __-___-1896, Manchester.  James was the only
               1.   Samuel Dobie b. __-___-1849, Manchester, m.
                    unknown.  Samuel died __-___-1908, Chester.
                    a. Percy Dobie. Percy did a lot of Dobie research
                         in the 1940's, including this chart.  He had
                         2 brothers and 5 sisters.
     IV.  James Dobie b. __-___-1799, d. 1-Jun-1817, buried:
          Southwick.  Died at age 18.
     V.   Robert Dobie b. __-___-1802, m. Helen Grierson, b. 1810, d.
          15-Feb-1888, buried: Southwick.  Robert died 7-Mar-1862,
          buried: Southwick.  Died at age 60.
          Percy Dobie cites 1841 & 1851 Census series D.C.2 for the
               following. He says all born at Borough Wkeaths (?) and
               Kirkbean & bap. by F.C. Minister at Mainsriddle:
          A.   Agnes Dobie b. __-___-1829.
          B.   William Dobie b. __-___-1831.
          C.   Mary Dobie b. __-___-1834.
          D.   David Dobie b. __-___-1837.
          E.   Elizabeth Dobie b. __-___-1839.
          F.   James Dobie b. __-___-1841.
          G.   John Dobie b. __-___-1843.
          H.   Robert Dobie b. __-___-1845.
          I.   Thomas Dobie b. __-___-1849.
          J.   Joseph Dobie b. __-___-1851.
          A few descendants of Mary and John traced by Percy Dobie.
     VI.  Isabella Dobie b. __-___-1805, m. Robert Anderson, b. __-
          ___-1795, occupation: Surgeon, d. 6-Apr-1862, buried:
          Southwick.  Isabella died 9-Aug-1864, buried: Southwick.
          Died at age 59. Robert: Died at age 67.
          Robert is the gggg-grandfather of Allan Anderson, who has
          provided extensive information on the descendants of Robert and
          Isabella. Click here to see the first of these pages.
          Percy Dobie cites 1851 Census D.C. 2 for the following, all
               born Mainsriddle.
          A.   Robert Anderson b. __-___-1824.
          B.   Mary Anderson b. __-___-1826.
          C.   Janet Anderson b. __-___-1828.
          D.   Isabella Anderson b. __-___-1830.
          E.   William Anderson b. __-___-1832.
          F.   John Anderson b. __-___-1834.
          G.   Margaret Anderson b. __-___-1836.
          H.   David Anderson b. __-___-1839.
          I.   Margaret Anderson b. __-___-1842.
     VII. Mary Dobie b. __-___-1806, m. James Crocket, b. __-___-1806.
          Percy Dobie cites 1851 Census for these:
          A.   James Crocket b. __-___-1831.
          B.   Edward Crocket b. __-___-1833.
          C.   Catherine Crocket b. __-___-1836.
          D.   Joseph Crocket b. __-___-1838.
     VIII David Dobie b. __-___-1809, d. 14-Jul-1831, Quebec.  Killed
          at age 22.



William Dobie b. __-___-1746, m. Jean Dalgleish, b. __-___-1736, d.
__-___-1826, Carricks, buried: Kirkmichael.  William died __-___-1802,
Preston Mill, buried: Kirkbean.  Died at age 56. Jean: Died at age 90.
     I.   George Dobie b. 5-Aug-1770, Carsethorne.
     II.  Mary Dobie b. __-___-1772, m. 19-May-1799, John Aitkin.
          Mary died 25-Jan-1842, Kenhill, Kirkbean, buried: Kirkmahon.
          Died at age 70.
     III. James Dobie b. 2-Feb-1774, Canelthom (?).

Thomas Dobie of Kirkbean m. Janet Dingwall of Dumfries 1790.



Abraham Dobie, Maidenhage (?)
     I.   John Dobie, b. 1-Mar-1770.


Helen Dobie, Caulkerbush, m. John Kennedy, --Aug-1777.