Extracts From "The Dobie Connection"

These are some extracts of articles from "The Dobie Connection", an annual newsletter of the Dobie Clan of North America.

Newsletter editor was:
Mr. George Dobie,
17154 Valley Creek Drive,
Cleveland, OH 44136,

Comments of mine are enclosed in [square brackets].

LOOSE ENDS (From The Dobie Connection, 1987)
First U.S. Census lists Nathaniel Dobie 1753-1823 in Sussex County,
    Virginia, recorded as the ancestor of the branch that migrated
    to Texas about 1830 by Richard Lee Dobie of Three Rivers,
    closely related to the author J. Frank Dobie of Austin.
    Tracking leads in Virginia, Sara Jean Dobie Collins of
    Arlington talked with Vicki Dobie Sharpets of Joppetown, Md.,
    formerly of Springfield Ohio and Wisconsin, who claims
    connection to the Texans.  From Madison Wis. we heard from
    Jeannette and brother Robert who trace back to their father Wm.
    Dobie born April 12, 1873 in Dumfries, emigrating to America in
    1892.  Their grandfather was either Joseph or Robert, married
    to an Agnes Harris.  Another letter from Donna Dobie Herbert of
    Sidney Ohio, lists a John Austin Dobie, b. 1-22-1824 Culpepper
    Cty. Va., and a James Doby b. 1795 in Va.  The Culpepper Cty.
    census for 1820 lists James Doby and William Doby, a different
    spelling thought to be connected by the Texans.  City of
    Richmond list for 1782 has Samuel Dobie a chemist b. 1730 and
    wife Ann b. 1742.  Where do these trails lead?
DID A DOBIE MEET A ROBBIE? (From The Dobie Connection, 1987)
Robert Burns, famed Scottish bard, born at Alloway Scotland 1759,
    moved to Dumfries in 1791 where he died 1796.  Alexander Dobie,
    born 1758 at Dumfries remained thereabouts until his death in
    1826.  Did they meet?  Two accounts place their family homes
    nearby and Burns' wife lived in the neighbourhood until 1834.
    According to James Mitchell Dobie Sr., Ann Swan who married his
    g-g-grandfather Alexander in Dumfries 1793, received a
    moustache cup from one of the Burns family (back door
    neighbours from 1791) which has been passed down to James'
    daughter Carolyn Dobie Duryea.  During 1981 visit to Dumfries,
    we were unable to find the original tombstone in St. Michael's
    Churchyard, said to bear the name of John Dobie as one of the
    pall-bearers.  The remains had been moved to a vault under the
    mausoleum erected there in 1815.  John Dobie was the son of
    Alexander born 1787.  Over this period Dobies farmed the area
    around Tinwald Parish, Dumfrieshire for over 400 years.  The
    "Kirkpatrick Dobie & Son Grain, Game and Provender Merchants
    since 1795", is still being operated by the family in Dumfries.
    Kirkpatrick, now 79, a published poet in his own right, was
    recently commissioned to write an article about Robert Burns
    for the international Scotish Magazine. . . .
LOOSE ENDS / MISSING LINKS (From The Dobie Connection, 1989)
Middle names using spouse family name may give clues to branch
    connections.  William Little Dobie of Winnebago, Miss., born
    1934 in Amboy, Minn., has traced back to GGG John Dobie born
    1791 in Gillenbie Scotland and GG Wm. born 1806 same place, to
    grandfather Joseph H. born 1826 in Hutton Dumfrieshire, to
    father William H. (Note: Kirkpatrick Little Dobie, currently of
    Dumfries, has the same middle name of Little, passed on to him
    by his father and mother Helen Little).
Mrs. B.L. Hanson of Adelaide, S. Australia . . . her g-grandfather
    Thomas Dobie emigrated there from Lockerbie Scotland in 1848
    (wife Ann McNicol) with records back 3 more generations to John
    Dobie of Kirkborn [Kirkbean, I think] born 1715.  She noted many
    of her forbears used Alexander as 2nd names . . . She has good
    records of their descendants in Australia . . .[1994 Connection
    also mentions a "gt. grandaughter Rae Georgene Harris now in
David Leslie Dobie of Tulsa Okla. left for Scotland this month,
    hopes to locate home of grandfather David who left there for
    Canada with 3 brothers about 1840.  His father, also David,
    moved from Ontario to Okla. . . .
Links are missing to some famous Dobies, including J. Frank (1888-
    1964), of Texas, author. Also Samuel Dobie, builder of Va.
    State Capital Bldg. in Richmond.  Another is Gilmore (gloomy
    Gil) Dobie, great Cornell NY football coach from 1920 to 1936,
    born before 1900 in Minn.  Who has links to these trails?
LOGGING IN WISCONSIN 1882-1895 (From The Dobie Connection, 1991)
From research by Eldon Marple of the Sawyer County Historical
    Society accounts of Dobies operating in the Hayward Lakes
Several Dobie brothers settled in Barron County in 1880.  A Malcolm
    Dobie married a sister of Milton Stratton and they joined with
    Thad Thayer who had a license to trade with the Chippewa
    Indians.  An 1854 Treaty with the Chippewa Tribes had alloted
    80 acres to each adult Indian, who could then sell timber only
    through traders licensed by the government.  In 1882, this
    Dobie, Stratton & Thayer Co. opened an office at Thayers
    Trading Post, buying and harvesting 3 million bd. ft. of timber
    from the Indians the first year.  In 1883 Thayer left the
    company.  Dobie & Stratton moved to Round Lake and by 1887
    harvested a total of 118 million bd. ft., then worth $817,646,
    according to a Weyerhauser account.  When Stratton died in
    1888, David Dobie reorganized the company, moving to Douglas
    County at Lake Nabagmon, building a railroad named Superior &
    Southwestern to reach new operations.  After selling their
    holdings on the Reservation to Valley Lumber Co., the Dobie
    Brothers built a new HQ in 1888 on land now known as the Henk
    Farm, Highway 27 South. . . .
SCOT LINKS (From Dobie Connection, 1995)
Mrs. John Carey of Prosper, TX, wants to connect her relative Thos.
    Bell Dobie (d. 1913 in TX) to James/Jane Carruthers of Scotland
Evelynn Dobie Swan wants Scotlinks to George E. Dobie of Ireland
    1896 and George R. of Winnipeg descendants.
Wilma Dobie Dougherty of Palm Beach, who may write the story of her
    relative Capt. Bill Dobie of Civil War fame . . . has parts of
    their line from a David Dobie, b. Dundee, Scotland, m. Ellen
    Turner in Virginia.  He died 1851, she died 1856 Hanover,
Alan Griffiths of Bristol, England, seeks links to his line Robert
    Dobie & Isabella Hunter whose dau. was Elizabeth (1844-99). He
    thinks this Robert was the son of a James Dobie & possibly the
    grandson of an Alexander of Tinwald parish.
DOBIE LINES BEING RESEARCHED (From Dobie Connection, 1995)
1716-1760  Robert of SCT to William of Virginia 1777-1835 to Texas.
1724-1772  William & Jean Bell of Dumfries, SCT.
1718-1807  John & Mary Glover, Hardbush, SCT.
cir. 1750  William & Mary Murdock, Dumfries, SCT.
1750-1806  William & Mary Jarden [Jardine] of Applegarth, SCT.
1761-1847  James & Agnes Brown of Dumfries, SCT.
1815-1899  Joseph & Ann McLarty of Applegarth, SCT.
1762-1826  Alexander & Ann Swan, Woodside, SCT.
(others are listed but they are all branches of one of the above)


Captain Percy Dobie's Collation of Records Obtained from Various
Vol 1. - Index of Places in SCT with Dobie connections;
Vol 2. - ditto
Vol 3. - Directories, Wills & Voters [voters' lists?]
Vol 4. - Extensive search papers - session records, Dumfriesshire.
Vol 5. - Births & baptisms, marriages & deaths

Material obtained from various sources & in the main collated &
included in the above volumes:
1.      Various branches of the Dobie Family Tree.
2.      Information from records.
3.      Correspondence.
4.      Wills -- copies.
5.      Copies of Birth, Death & Marriage certificates
6.      Some information on the one-time Percy Dobie family home in
        Burnaby, Vancouver.
7.      Dobies of Chesley & Perth, Ontario.
8.      Dobbies of Ayr, Scotland.
9.      Dobies in Texas - particularly James Frank Dobie.
10.     GALLOCHERs & Dobies.
11.     Dobies in Canada & U.S.A.
12.     Items of information regarding Captain Percy Dobie.
13.     Various items of interest regarding early shipping.  Also
        list of Solway Shipping 1821.
14.     Sir Robert Dobie of Stonyhill. (Four Square Dobie).
15.     The Gen. Soc. of Salt Lake City, some Dobie records.
16.     ANDERSONs - related to Dobies.
17.     Correspondence with Mrs. Moorhouse, grand-daughter of
        Admiral W. H. Dobbie of Malta.
18.     Miscellaneous - various genealogical articles.
19.     Newpaper cuttings yet to be arranged in chronological

Research into some family histories by Capt. Dobie, but with little
or no connection to the Dobie family:
20.     FLETCHER of Huddersfield & ASHWORTH of Bolton.
        of Chester.
22.     Mrs. TANNER's affairs - some names mentioned: BARON;
23.     Robert BURNS - some correspondence regarding Burns' family