Dobie - Sutherland
Photo Album : Lytton, BC

When Sarah Dorothy (Coatsworth) Dobie, wife of William Currie Dobie, of Port Arthur, Ontario, died in 1879, she left 6 young children. The eldest (Isabella) was 13 years and the youngest (Wilna) was 1½ years. At least three of the children were sent to live with relatives or friends for varying lengths of time. Annie Louise was sent to live with the Woodside family, in Lytton, BC, where she stayed until she married Daniel Sutherland in 1897. She was so much a part of the Woodside family that she even used the Woodside name. There are two marriage records for her in the BC Archives -- one under the name of Dobie and the other under the name of Woodside.

This photo album was found in the effects of Dorothy (Dobie) Fraser, grand-daughter of W.C. Dobie and Sarah Coatsworth. The photos are mostly of Annie Dobie and the Sutherland family, her nieces and nephews in Port Arthur, Ontario, as well as a panoramic view of Lytton. It shows that the Dobies of Port Arthur kept in contact with Annie -- several of the photos show William Currie Dobie at the Sutherland house in Lytton. In January, 2002, while looking through another album (soon to be put on this website) I discovered that most of the baby photos are of Dorothy Dobie and her brother Russell Dobie, all taken in Port Arthur, circa 1906 - 1908.

The album is quite tattered -- a couple of pages have been cut and a photo torn. Since the album pages are black, the photos are displayed on the screen with a black background.

The Sutherlands who are identified have been done so by Marilynn Clarke, who is a grand-daughter of Annie Louise Sutherland.