Descendants of
William Currie Dobie & Elizabeth Coulthard

William Currie Dobie, born about 1811, Dumfries, SCT,1 (son of William Dobie and Mary Murdock) married Elizabeth Coulthard, born about 1814, Dumfries, SCT,2 (daughter of George Coulthard and Ann Dixon or Dickson). William's middle name "Currie" was confirmed by Irene Carruthers, Glencoe, Ont. William and Elizabeth came to Canada via New York City in 1849 with William's brother John Dobie and family. See the article "Sailing Across the Atlantic Sixty Years Ago", by John's son, another William Currie Dobie.

  1. Mary Dobie, born about 1832.3
  2. George Dobie, born about 1836, Lancashire, ENG. 4
  3. Robert Coulthard Dobie, born 1-Mar-1838,5 "Coulthard" from 1841 census, Liverpool.
  4. William Montrose Dobie, born 20-Jul-1840, Liverpool, Eng.,6 occupation: Carpenter, farmer,7 married 1-Dec-1870, in Melbourne, Ekfrid Twp. Middlesex Co., ON,8 Catherine McCallum, born 15-Jan-1845, Ekfrid Twp., Ont.,9 (daughter of John McCallum and Mary McKellar) died 30-Jul-1910, Glencoe, Ont.; Victoria St.,10 William died 20-Oct-1909, Glencoe, Ont.; Victoria St.,11 Marriage witnesses: John Dobie, Mosa, and Margaret McCallum, Ekfrid. Married by Rev. George Brenna, Presbyterian. Death certified by Catherine Dobie, Glencoe; James H. Woods, M.D. Died of "Hypostatic Pneumonia".
    1. Mary Dobie, born about 1871.12
    2. William John Dobie, born 30-Jan-1886.13
  5. Maggie Dobie, born __-___-____.14
  6. John C. Dobie, born about 1843, Liverpool, Eng.,15 occupation: Farmer,16 married 9-Nov-1876, in Mosa, Ont.,17 Barbara A. King, born __-___-1848, Pittsburgh, Penn., U.S.A.,18 (daughter of Charles King and Elizabeth unknown) died 15-Feb-1920, New Liskeard, Ont.,19 buried 18-Feb-1920, New Liskeard, Ont.,20 John died 28-Nov-1930, Toronto, Ont.,21 Marriage witnesses: Rev. D.M. Kennedy, Glencoe; James Tait, Ekfrid. M. by Rev. Thomas Webster. Age is wrong on marriage certificate.
    Barbara: Stated on 1881 census (Mosa Twp.) that she was of German extraction, although on her death certificate, her father is stated to have been born in Holland. She was a widow and her previous name was WOOD, and had a son, Charles WOOD. She died of influenza two days before her daughter Elizabeth.
    1. Margery Dobie, born 28-Aug-1877, Mosa Twp., Middlesex Co., Ont.,22 married 11-Jul-1907, in New Liskeard, Ont.,23 George Edward Peters, born __-___-1881, New Liskeard, Ont.,24 (son of William Peters and Eliza Dixon) occupation: Carpenter. Name is "Margery" on birth record, "Marjorie" on marriage record.
      George: Marriage witnesses: Humbert Bennet, New Liskeard; Lillian Zabic, Cleveland. Married by A.P. Lutten(?). Ontario Birth Record #16203-80 (MS929, R.44) is for George Edward Peters born 1 July, 1880, in Edwardsburgh, Grenville Co.; mother was Eliza DuKlaw, father was William Peters. Different mother from marriage information, so may not be the same person.
    2. William Carpenter Dobie, born 10-Jan-1879, Mosa Twp., Middlesex Co., Ont.,25 died 28-Jan-1955, Oak Bay, BC.26
    3. Mary King Dobie, born 13-Apr-1880, Mosa Twp., Middlesex Co., Ont.,27 married 25-Dec-1901, in London, Ont.; 300 Oxford St.,28 William B. Carrothers, born 6-Nov-1869, Westminster Twp., Ont.,29 (son of William B. Carrothers and Ellen Beattie) occupation: Farmer.
      William: Marriage witnesses: Lillian Dobie, Chas. Wood, Westminster. Married by A.J. MacGilivray, Presbyterian. Name spelled both "Carruthers" and "Carrothers" on birth record.
    4. Lillian Dobie, born 10-Mar-1882, Mosa Twp., Middlesex Co., Ont.30
    5. Elizabeth Dobie, born 1-Mar-1884, Mosa Twp., Middlesex Co., Ont.,31 married 14-Sep-1911, in Haileybury, Ont.,32 Andrew (Andy) Pettett or Pettit, born about 1881,33 (son of James Pettett and Permilla Bowden) occupation: Lineman. Elizabeth died 17-Feb-1920, New Liskeard, Ont.,34 buried 18-Feb-1920, New Liskeard, Ont.,34
      Andrew: Marriage witnesses: H.F. & Lillian Barrtey(?), Cleveland, Ohio. Married by G.R. Turk. Name is "Pettit" in death record, "Pettett" in marriage record.
    6. George King Dobie, born 15-Dec-1885, Mosa Twp., Middlesex Co., Ont.35
    7. Laura Dobie, born 9-Nov-1887, Mosa Twp., Middlesex Co., Ont.36
  7. Jane Dobie, born about 1850, England.37

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