Descendants of Mary Currie Dobie & Thomas Buchanan

Family of Mary Currie Dobie and Thomas Buchanan
Names are surprinted on the photo, which is courtesy of
Joseph and Jane Buchanan.

  1. Family of Mary Currie Dobie and Thomas Buchanan
    Names are surprinted on the photo,
    which is courtesy of
    Joseph and Jane Buchanan.
    Mary Currie Dobie, born 15-Aug-1854, Ontario204 married 3-Sep-1889, in Thessalon, Ont.205 Thomas Buchanan, born 11-Dec-1858, Ontario206 (son of Thomas Buchanan and Mary Jane Warnock) occupation: Merchant, died about 1932207 buried Thessalon, Ont.; Little Rapids Cemetery208 Mary died about 1934209 buried Thessalon, Ont.; Little Rapids Cemetery210 Lived in Thessalon in 1928 (W.C.Dobie obituary). Birth date of 15 Aug 1857 given on 1901 census (Thessalon), but age stated as 34 on marriage record, making birth year 1854/55. John McEachern states her birth year as 1854. See their wedding photo.
    Thomas: Name spelled "Buchannan" on marriage certificate. Marriage witnesses: Charles Dickson and Elizabeth Ervin or Evans, Thessalon. Married by Fred Woodger, Methodist. 1901 census (Thessalon) shows Mary McKessock, born 15-March-1875, living with the family and listed as a "lodger".
    1. Thomas Russell (Buck) Buchanan, born 21-Feb-1891, Thessalon, Ont.,211 married 27-Dec-1940, in Toronto, Ont.,212 Lily Mary Betteridge, , born 4-Jan-1907, Sussex, England,212 died 10-Jul-1999, Victoria, BC,212 Thomas died circa 1944, Elgin Mills, Ont.,212 Thomas died in a motor accident (Jane Buchanan).
      1. One child, four grandchildren, four great-grandchildren. Connected surnames include: Hynes, Nasi, Neilson.
    2. Mary Ethelene Buchanan, born 5-Apr-1892, Thessalon, Ont.,213 died circa 1961. Jane Buchanan says in part, in an email of 24 Sept., 1999: "Lillian also mentioned that Etheleen was put in a hospital in North Bay or Sudbury as soon Thomas (Mary Currie Dobie's husband) died. She wanted nothing more to do with her. It was said Thomas loved Etheleen very much and spoiled her. He would give her ribbons (from the store) for her hair against the wishes of Mary Etheleen had a problem from childhood -- not sure what it was -- the story goes that she was struck by lightening while sitting by the fire and never was right after that. Who knows! Do love these family tales! We gather Buck paid to keep her in the hospital until she died in 1961 I think. There was provision for her in his will."
    3. Ruth Isabelle Buchanan, born 27-Jun-1893, Thessalon, Ont.,214 died about 1894,207 buried Thessalon, Ont.; Little Rapids Cemetery,208 "Isabelle" from Weslyan Methodist Birth & Baptism Records, quoted by Donna J. McCarthy in e-mail of Feb. 15, 1997.
    4. James A. Wilfred Buchanan, born 1-Sep-1897, Thessalon, Ont.,215 His name is "Wilford" on the 1901 census (Thessalon). See photograph.
    5. John Samuel Rhodes Buchanan, born 13-May-1899, Thessalon, Ont.,216 married circa 1932,212 Lillian Louise Hertz, , born circa 1914,212 John died 10-May-1962, Thessalon, Ont.,217 "R" initial may be from 1901 census. Doctor attending birth was T.J. McCort.
      Lillian: Jane Buchanan says Lillian was married at age 18. See photograph.
      1. Three children, six grandchildren. Connected surnames include: Mathenson, Olmstead, Smith.

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