Descendants of
Joseph Brydon Dobie & Jessie Alice Ramage

  1. Joseph Brydon Dobie, born 9-Feb-1850, Dunwich, Elgin Co., ON136 occupation: Farmer, merchant, married 21-Oct-1886, in Keady, Ont.137 Jessie Alice Ramage, born 4-Jan-1865, Strathavon, Grey Co., Ont.138 (daughter of Thomas Howard Ramage and Janet Amanda Elliot) died 23-Mar-1948, Owen Sound, Ont.138 Joseph died 24-Jul-1940136 Married at "Keady in Derby". Witnesses Mary Helen Stewart & Sarah Harbottle, both of Derby. Married by Rev. John Stewart. Lived at Lot 13, Con. 2, Sullivan Twp. Read obituary of Joseph Brydon Dobie.
    1. John Milton Russell Dobie, Capt., born 6-Dec-1887, Sullivan Twp., Grey County, Ont.139, occ: Journalist, soldier, died 28-Aug-1918, France140, buried Vis-en-Artois British Cemetery, Haucourt, France141. Residence when born was Lot 13, Con 2, Sullivan Twp. Read obituary of John Milton Russell Dobie
    2. Mary Ethel Dobie, born 8-Dec-1889, Thessalon, Ont.142, occ: Teacher143, married __-___-1927144, Gregor MacDonald, born about 1889144 (son of Archibald MacDonald and Ann MacGregor) died __-Aug-1945144, Mary died 22-Oct-1945, Owen Sound, Ont.26, buried Owen Sound, Ont.; Greenwood Cemetery143 Read obituary of Mary Ethel Dobie.
      1. One child. Connected surname is Wallace.
    3. Thomas Howard Dobie, born 9-Apr-1892, Sullivan Twp., Grey County, Ont.146, died after 1977, Victoria, B.C. ?147, Lived in Victoria in 1972 (sister Isabella's obit.) in Vancouver in 1976 (sister Margaret's obit).
    4. Isabella Elliot Dobie, born 1-Mar-1894, Sullivan Twp., Grey County, Ont.148, occ: Teacher143, married 21-Jul-1928, in Chatsworth, Ont.149, William James Russell Galbraith, born __-___-1894144, died after 1972138, Isabella died __-Jan-1972, Owen Sound, Ont.150, Percy Dobie papers say "Box 914, Chatsworth, Ont." Obituary says she taught in Keewatin, Port Arthur and Sault Ste. Marie. James: Given names from Lois Richardson, e-mail of April 12, 1996.
      1. One child, one grandchild. Connected surname is Cuzen.
    5. Joseph Victor Dobie, born 27-Jan-1896, Sullivan Twp., Grey County, Ont.151, married 10-Oct-1925, in Chatsworth, Ont.138 Helen Lorna Tindale, born about 1895144 (daughter of H. B. Tindale and unknown) died 20-Jul-1980, Owen Sound, Ont.138, buried __-Jul-1980, Chatsworth, Ont.; Shilo Cemetery152, Joseph died 28-Jul-1977, Owen Sound, Ont.153, Lived in Desboro Ont. (near Chatsworth) in 1972 (sister Isabella's obit.).
      1. Three children, three grandchildren. Connected surnames are: Trelford, Walker.
    6. Florence Ramage Dobie, born 8-Feb-1898, Sullivan Twp., Grey County, Ont.156, married 21-Oct-1922144, Owen Sound, Ontario, William Henry (Harry) Murphy, born 1898,144, Owen Sound, Ont., Florence died 25-Jul-1923, Owen Sound, Ont.157, buried Owen Sound, Ont.; Greenwood Cemetery.
      1. William Henry Murphy, born 24-July-1923, died 1999.
    7. Violet Amanda Dobie, born 14-Jun-1899, Sullivan Twp., Grey County, Ont.158, occ: Teacher, bank worker159, died 23-Dec-1953, Toronto, Ont.160, "Amanda" from Lois Richardson, e-mail of April 12, 1996.
    8. Margaret Dobie, born about 1901, Sullivan Twp., Grey County, Ont.161, died 6-Feb-1976, Owen Sound, Ont.162 Unmarried.

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