Descendants of
Elizabeth Dobie & John McKessock

  1. Elizabeth Dobie, born 15-May-1844, Canada,89 married 3-Apr-1866, in Chatsworth, Holland Twp., Grey Co., Ont.,90 John McKessock, born 19-Sep-1833, Scotland,89 (son of J. McKessock and M. Somerville) occupation: Farmer,91 died 28-Sep-1892,92 buried Chatsworth U.C. Cemetery, Grey Co., Ont.,5 Elizabeth died 3-Jan-1922,92 buried Chatsworth U.C. Cemetery, Grey Co., Ont.,5 Marriage witness: Wm. Rankin, Holland; married by Rev. James Cameron of Chatsworth. Date on marriage record. was 5 April 1866. Name was "John McKissock".
    1. Isabella Somerville McKessock, born 8-Jan-1867,93 married 5-Nov-1890,93 Alexander Pringle Halliday, born 13-Jul-1863,94 died 30-Nov-1926,94 Isabella died 29-Aug-1945,93 Married by Rev. James McAlpine of Chatsworth.
      1. Mary Pringle Halliday, born 24-Dec-1891,93 married 14-Nov-1912,93 Wilson Hall, born 15-Dec-1889,94 died 9-Jul-1966,94 Married by Rev. Wm. Daniels of Owen Sound. No children.
      2. Annie Halliday, born 26-Aug-1893,93 married 10-Mar-1921,95 James Oliver McCallum, born 6-Jan-1897,94 died 3-Dec-1974,94. Annie died 9-Nov-1953,94 Married by Rev. Bryden of Chatsworth.
        1. Four children, eight grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren. Connected surnames include: Akins, Buckton, Dumart, Green, Neath, Newton, Sprague, Walker.
      3. Robert Somerville Halliday, born 21-Jun-1895,93 married94 Margaret McDonald, . Robert died 18-Feb-1972,94 No children.
    2. John Alexander McKessock, born 14-Oct-1868,93 married 10-Jan-1900,93 Margaret Morrison, died 27-Oct-1951,93 John died 13-Jan-1949,93 Married by Rev. J.A. Black of Hoath Head.
      1. Isabel McKessock, born 21-Nov-1900,93 married __-___-____,97 unknown Laird, born __-___-____. unknown: Lived in North Bay in 1949 (J.A. McKessock obituary).
      2. Jessie McKessock, born 21-Jun-1903,93 married __-___-____,97 W. T. Henry, born __-___-____. W.: Lived in Owen Sound in 1949 (J.A. McKessock obituary).
      3. John Alexander McKessock, born 16-Feb-1906.93
      4. Norman McKessock, born 10-Jun-1907.93
    3. William Joseph McKessock, born 5-Sep-1870,93 Moved to Saskatchewan
    4. Mary Dobie McKessock, born 22-Nov-1872, Sydenham Twp., Grey Co., Ont.,98 married97 Thomas Dunn, died 23-Feb-1942, Alma Heights, ON,99 Mary died 18-Nov-1930,93 Day of death is 17th November in Bruce Mines Spectator obit. Thomas: Lived in Thessalon, Ont. in 1949 (J.A. McKessock obituary). There probably were 4 children, since there were 4 in the photo labelled "Mary Dunn's children" (letter from Jacqueline Walker, Dec. 4, 1994).
      1. Francis Crammond Dunn, born 26-Sep-1903.93
      2. Agnes Dunn, born 1-Mar-1905.93
    5. Robert James McKessock, born 18-Jul-1876, Sydenham Twp., Grey Co., Ont.,100 married 11-Apr-1903,93 Mabel Lillian May Pascoe, born 10-Nov-1875, Solina, Durham County, Ont.,101 died 29-Jun-1960, Oshawa, Ont.,101 Robert died 26-Jan-1930,93 Married by Rev. Anderson of Solina. Possibly another daughter, Margaret.
      1. Alan Pascoe McKessock, born 11-Jul-1904,93 Jacqueline Walker writes "there is a photo of Alan and Margaret McKessock as children, probably this one and his sister?" (Letter of Dec. 4, 1994).
    6. George Dobie McKessock, born 13-Feb-1879, Sydenham Twp., Grey Co., Ont.,102 died 29-Apr-1879.93
    7. George Dobie McKessock, born 1-May-1880, Sydenham Twp., Grey Co., Ont.,103 occupation: Service Station owner,104 married about 1909, in Wawota, Ont.,105 Margaret Greenbank, born __-___-____. George died 22-Sep-1952, Coquitlam, BC,106 buried 25-Sep-1952, Burnaby, B.C.; Forest Lawn Cemetery,107 Residence at time of death was 224 E. 6th Ave., New Westminster. Informant's name was Joseph (illegible) at same address. Birthplace given in death record is "Massie, Ont.".
      1. Ross McKessock, born __-___-____, died __-___-1943, WW2, RCAF.105
      2. daughter McKessock, born __-___-____, married105 J. L. Makepeace, . J.: Lived in New Westminster, B.C. in 1949 (G.D. McKessock obituary).
    8. Elizabeth Helen McKessock, born 2-Sep-1882, Sydenham Twp., Grey Co., Ont.,108 married 25-Dec-1901,93 John T. Dunlop, . Elizabeth died Glenside, Sask.,97 John: Married by Rev. J.A. Black of Hoath Head.
      1. George Russel Dunlop, born 30-Jan-1903.93
      2. Elsie Elizabeth Dunlop, born 27-Jan-1904.93
      3. Myrtle Lillian Dunlop, born 15-Jan-1906.93
    9. Andrew Somerville McKessock, born 8-May-1884, Sydenham Twp., Grey Co., Ont.,109 Lived in Abernethy, Saskatchewan in 1949 (J.A. McKessock obituary).

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