This is a transcript of a letter obtained from the Dobie Clan of North America.

The letter is by Agnes Dobie, daughter of Andrew Dobie (m. Grace Cook, vide family tree. [Compiler's note -- there is no Grace Cook in the "Gracie Tree", so this must refer to another tree.] Agnes had run off with a married man and was pursued by her father unsuccessfully to Kingholm Quay, Dumfries and possibly to Liverpool. This letter, believed to be the only one ever received, is to her sister Marion, later Mrs. Edward Irving of Annan. There is a letter extant dated 1915 enquiring about possible descendants of Agnes in which it is stated that in 1904 a son of hers, a ship Captain, was said to have made enquiries in Annan about his mother's relatives.

Toronto, Upper Canada. Jan. 26th. 1849.

Dear Sister,
           You will get this with my whole heart and it is pretty large now seeing that I have travelled through the States and a good deal of British America and is now bent upon another country and clime. So that the next letter you get will be from California in South America if it please the disposer of all to let me get there. It is a long road and may be much danger but still there is hope that we shall return in good time. You cannot come to me but you may expect to hear from me in the time that is, in a few months at most.
           Give my love to your father and mother sisters and brothers and at same time let all my acquaintances know that I am well and doing well. So that I have no cause to rue leaving home for that I have had more hard work in a day than I have had since I left home. Indeed you are the most upon my thoughts by night and day. There is none else about my old companions and as for the new ones, very few indeed. I have but J.(*) one good friend through life shall always wander away and as changes of seasons take place, the change of social life also. The day that you and I parted it was a great trial upon me and no doubt upon you - as to leaving the land of my birth and friends, all in a moment of time, but let me tell you I have never rued it because the best of treatment I have got.
           My love to you Marion and as to my best prayers they are but poor offerings. I am, your sister, Agnes Dobbie.

* There is an initial here which looks like a J., which may be her boy-friend. Nancy is a little garbled at this point. Notice that she spells her name with two "b's".