First transcribed Aug. 9, 1996, and revised Feb. 18, 2006 (marked by { brackets).

This is a very short sampling of a family history produced by of Winnipeg. She traces the descendants of JAMES DOBIE, possibly from near Lockerbie, Dumfrieshire, Scotland and AGNES BROWN, probably of Tundergarth Parish, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. Their children settled in Deux Montagnes Co., Quebec, and their ancestors are found all over North America. The people in this list are mainly in Quebec, Ontario & New York State, with a couple in Dakota Territory and Wisconsin.

Her impressive history, dated 1993 but still very much a work in progress, is crammed with photographs of people and copies of documents. The DOBIE section is about 200 pages, and it also has separate sections for the BROWN, McLARTY, LAWSON, BRANSCOMBE and MILLER families which are connected.

JAMES DOBIE -- born cir. 1760, DFS, SCT, perhaps the son of
    Thomas Dobie of Oldwalls Farm near Lockerbie, DFS, SCT.  He
    died 20 April 1847, age 86 years, in Quebec, buried at the
    Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Ste. Therese de Blainville,
    Terrebonne Co., Quebec.  He married AGNES BROWN, born cir.
    1775, perhaps in Tundergarth Parish, DFS, SCT.  She died 28
    Oct. 1849, age 75 years, in Quebec and is buried the same
    place as her husband.  Their marriage was proclaimed on 2
    June 1799, when James was living at Rockhillflat farm in
    Applegarth Parish and Agnes was noted as being from St. Mungo
    Parish, both in DFS.

It is possible that James had a brother, THOMAS DOBIE, who also
    lived at Rockhillflat when he married JEAN GOLDIE on 9
    September 1782.

    Children of JAMES DOBIE & AGNES BROWN:
    THOMAS DOBIE, b. 7 April 1800, DFS, SCT, died 12 January
        1887, probably in St. Benoit Parish, Quebec, buried at La
        Fresniee Presbyterian Cemetery. He married MARGARET
        ANDERSON, b. cir 1813, Perthshire, SCT, died 10 November
        1901, buried same place as her husband.
        AMELIA DOBIE, b. 1 June 1833, married JAMES MacMARTIN; at
            least 2 and possibly 6 children. Lived in Lachute/LaFresniere.
        ISABELLA DOBIE, b. 26 December 1834, married JOHN CRAIB;
            3 children. Lived in Montreal.
        MARGARET DOBIE, b. 1 Sept. 1836; d. 7 Nov. 1868.
        JAMES DOBIE, b. 20 Oct. 1838; d. 7 April 1907.
        JOHN DOBIE, b. 1841; d. cir. 1864.
        CATHERINE DOBIE, b. 4 January 1843; d. 27 April 1927.
        AGNES DOBIE, b. 25 April 1845; possibly married a GRAHAM?
        THOMAS DOBIE, b. cir. 1848; d. 26 Oct. 1917.
        ROBERT DOBIE, b. 3 November 1849; d. 15 January 1865.
        DAVID DOBIE, b. 26 Sept. 1853; d. 11 Dec. 1904.
        PETER DOBIE, b. 26 Sept. 1853 d. 24 March 1873.

    JAMES DOBIE, b. 3 December 1804, SCT. Baptized 7 December
        1804, Mary's Cleughead, Balgray, near Applegarth, DFS,
        SCT; died December 1870, Quebec; buried Protestant
        Cemetery, Ste. Therese de Blainville. Married JANE BROWN,
        b. cir 1819, died 1899, buried same place as husband.
        Children of JAMES DOBIE & JANE BROWN:
        WILLIAM DOBIE, (probably a child of James Dobie, but Jane
            Brown could not have been the mother because of her
            age), b. 1825 or 1828; died 28 April 1908, Lavalee,
            Ont.; buried Presbyterian Cemetery, Boxalder
            Cemetery, about 3 miles south of Devlin, Ont. Married
            30 July 1860 to MARY McNAUGHT TAYLOR, b. 17 April
            1837?, Stirlingshire, SCT; died 14 January 1914, Big
            Fork, Rainy River District, Ont., buried Boxalder
            Children of WILLIAM DOBIE & MARY McNAUGHT TAYLOR:
            JAMES DOBIE, b. 1861
            MARGARET ANN DOBIE, b. 1862
            JOSEPH DOBIE, b. 1864
            ROBERT DOBIE, b. 1866
            JANE ISABELLA DOBIE, b. 1868
            CHRISTINA ELIZABETH DOBIE, b. 1870
            JEANETTE ESKDALE DOBIE, b. 1872
            WILLIAM JASPAR DOBIE, b. 1875
            MARY EMILY DOBIE, b. 1875
            JOHN HENRY DOBIE, b. 1877
            FRANCIS GILBERT DOBIE, b. 1880
        ROBERT BROWN DOBIE, b. 28 November 1835; d. 1847. St.
            Eustache Parish, Que.
        JENNETT ESDALE DOBIE, b. 15 August 1838; d. cir. 1874.
        THOMAS DOBIE, b. 15 August 1842; d. 1925.
        SYBELLA JANE DOBIE, b. cir. 1848; d. 1892.
        JAMES DOBIE, b. 3 August 1849; d. 1865.
        MARY DOBIE, b. 27 April 1851; d. 1924.
        ROBERT DOBIE, b. 11 August 1853; d. 1934.
        AGNES ELIZA DOBIE, b. 23 October 1855; d. 1942. Possibly
            m. unknown ROBERTSON.
        DAVID DOBIE, b. 3 September 1857; d. 1934.
        MARGARET ANN DOBIE, b. 5 September 1859; d. 1951,
            Victoria BC.
        JOHN M. DOBIE, b. 1861; d. 1941.
        SAMUEL J. DOBIE, b. cir. 1863; d. 1932.  Mined near Sudbury.
        baby, b. cir 1864, died age 3 months.

    ROBERT DOBIE, b. 26 March 1808, Applegarth Parish, DFS, SCT.
        No more is known about him.

    MARY DOBIE, b. 13 June 1810, Mary's Cleughead, Applegarth
 {      Parish, DFS, SCT.  Married James McKNIGHT, 7 June 1831,
 {      and died 5 June, 1880 age 70, Lower Napan, Northumberland Co.,
 {      New Brunswick, and is buried Old St. Johns Church Cemetery,
 {      Chatham Head, [now all part of Miramichi City].  They had ten
 {      children.

    DAVID DOBIE, b. 25 June 1812, Mary's Cleughead, Applegarth
        Parish, DFS, SCT; died 17 February 1857, St. Albans,
        Vermont. Buried Plattsburgh, New York. Married at St.
        Helens, near Liverpool, ENG, during winter 1838-39 to
        ELIZA WALKER, born cir. 1810, St. Helens(?). She died
        April 1855, age 45, buried Plattsburgh, New York.  David
        was a Presbyterian Minister and spent most of his
        ministry in the US.
        Children of DAVID DOBIE & ELIZA WALKER:
        DAVID FOWLER DOBIE, b. 12 Jan 1840; d. Oct 1900, possibly
            in Dannemora, N.Y.; buried Plattsburgh, N.Y.; married
            HARRIET L. JILLSON who died 23 Sept. 1930.
        MARIA MYERS DOBIE, b. Jan. 1844; possibly married a THOMPSON.
        JAMES DOBIE, b. cir. 1848, Plattsburgh, N.Y.

    AGNES DOBIE, b. 23 January 1816, Mary's Cleughead, Applegarth
 {      Parish, DFS, SCT.  So far, nothing more is known about her.

    JOSEPH DOBIE, b. 23 January 1816, Mary's Cleughead,
        Applegarth Parish, DFS, SCT.  Died 27 November 1899,
        Colborne Twp., Huron Co., Ont. Buried in Ball's Cemetery,
        south of Auburn, Ont. Married on 18 November 1841, St.
        Eustache Parish, Que., to ANN McLARTY, born 5 March,
        1818?, Dumbardin?, SCT.  She died 3 March 1881, Colborne
        Twp., Huron Co., Ont. Buried in Ball's Cemetery. Joseph
        and Ann farmed on Cotes des St. Louis near St. Augustine,
        Que.. Sometime between the birth of Sybella Jane and
        David, they moved to East Wawanosh Twp., Huron Co., Ont.
        Their first son James settled in Dakota Territory cir.
        1883, and Malcolm and David went to Wisconsin cir. 1878 & 1881.
        Children of JOSEPH DOBIE & ANN McLARTY:
        JAMES DOBIE, b. 13 October 1842, Cote St. Louis, St.
            Augustin Parish, Quebec; died 6 April 1904, Calvin,
            North Dakota; buried Corinthian Cemetery, Calvin.
            Married 2 November 1870, Hullett Twp., Ont., to JANE
            AUGUSTA LAWSON, born 10 May 1849, Prince Edward Co.,
            Ont.; died 14 December 1929, Bresaylor, Sask.; buried
            Paynton, Sask.  James was a North Dakota state
            senator, cir. 1895 - 1897.
            Children of JAMES DOBIE & JANE AUGUSTA LAWSON:
            JOSEPH MILTON DOBIE, b. 1871
            ANN JANE "Annie" DOBIE, b. 1873
            MARY AGNES DOBIE, b. 1876
            PHOEBE CATHERINE "Kate" DOBIE, b. 1878
            LYDIA ISABELLA "Bell" DOBIE, b. 1878
            JOHN LAWSON "Jack" DOBIE, b. 1881
            baby boy, b. 15 Sept. 1883, died in infancy.
            MALCOLM JAMES "Cal" DOBIE, b. 1885
            FLORA ELIZABETH GRACE "Flo" DOBIE, b. 1888
            twin girls, b. 26 Feb. 1890, died in infancy.
            THOMAS MILLER DOBIE, b. 1892.
        MALCOLM DOBIE, b. 13 April 1844, died after 1910,
            probably Portland, Oregon. Married cir. 1876 to
            HARRIET "Hattie" STRATTON, b. cir 1860 in Minnisota,
            died after 1910.
            Children of MALCOLM DOBIE & HARRIET STRATTON:
            STANTON DOBIE, b. cir. 1878.
            ROY DOBIE, b. cir. 1879.
            ELLA DOBIE, b. cir. 1885.
        JOHN DOBIE, b. 31 March 1846; died 12 July 1880; buried
            Ball's Cemetery, Auburn, Ont.
        WILLIAM DOBIE, b. 20 January 1848; died 12 July 1924;
            buried Ball's Cemetery, Auburn, Ont. Married ELLEN
            ROBERTSON, b. 1859; died 10 Feb. 1921; buried Ball's
            Cemetery. Some of their descendants still live in the
            Auburn area.
            Children of WILLIAM DOBIE & ELLEN ROBERTSON:
            JOSEPH DOBIE, b. 1875, died at age 6 weeks.
            ELLA MAY DOBIE, b. 1876.
            WILLIAM JOHN DOBIE, b. 1878.
            ANNIE DOBIE, b.
            WILHELMINE DOBIE, b. 1882.
            GORDON EARL DOBIE, b. 1890; died 10 June 1912.
        AGNES DOBIE, b. 1 May 1850; died 15 Oct. 1932, Auburn
            Ont., buried Ball's Cemetery. Married (1) DAVID
            PATTERSON, (2) JOHN WILSON.
        THOMAS DOBIE, b. 20 February 1852; last known living in
            Nebagamon, Wisconsin in 1899. Became an outlaw and
            disappeared. Family tradition has him doing all sorts
            of amazing things.
        SYBELLA JANE DOBIE, b. 27 December 1853. Married ROBERT
            CURRIE, possibly of Wingham, Ont.
        DAVID DOBIE, b. 15 December 1855; died 10 February 1920,
            Kirksville, Missouri; buried Superior, Wisconsin.
            Married August 1884 to ISABELLA LOGIE, b. 30/31
            January 1860; died 1939; buried Woodlawn, Calif.
            Children of DAVID DOBIE & ISABELLA LOGIE:
            JOHN PERCIVAL "Percy" DOBIE, b. 1885, died 1887.
            DAVID LESLIE DOBIE, b. 1887.
            WALTER LOGIE DOBIE, b. 1888.
            NORMA BELL DOBIE, b. 1890.
            JESSIE MURRAY DOBIE, b. 1894.
            CATHERINE ANNA DOBIE, b. 1897.
        CATHERINE ANN DOBIE, b. 9 October 1860; died 11 Feb.
            1928, Oregon or Washington. Married WILL MURDOCK.