Map of Dumfries town centre

This is a scan of the map of Dumfries Town Centre from a brochure published by Dumfries Town Centre Partnership and by Dumfries & Galloway Council.

Robert Dobie kindly emailed these photographs, all but three of which he took in September, 2002. They are shown below along with his comments. There are also two photos of Tinwald Church and graveyard and two taken at Kirkbean Church.

Mill Green in the centre of Dumfries.

Mill Green in the centre of Dumfries. You can locate it on the lower left bank of the river on the map above.

Mid Steeple in High Street, Dumfries.

Mid Steeple in High Street. This is used as a museum, market, book shop, and a meeting place.

The Burns Statue, Dumfries.

The Burns Statue. The steeple of the church on the right can just be seen in the background of the photo above.

Dobie's Wynd, Dumfries.

Robert Dobie at Dobie's Wynd, which is directly behind Loreburn Street and Academy Street. The building behind Robert was the Dobie General store in Loreburn Street until it closed down in 1997 (see the news story about the store closing). In 2002, when this photo was taken, the store was a Turkish coffee shop.

Devorgilla Bridge, Dumfries.

The beautiful Devorgilla Bridge in the centre of Dumfries.
(Photo was taken in May 2007).

Tinwald church and graveyard.

Tinwald church as you drive up a very narrow farm track. As you can see it is in a remote spot and to the right there are a few small cottages. It is positioned on the top of a low ridge and gives a scenic view to the vale below.

Tinwald church and graveyard.

The graveyard completely encircles the church. There are very many Dobies buried here and judging by the size and grandeur, the people buried here must have been very wealthy to afford such ornate graves and headstones.

Kirkbean church.

Kirkbean Church.
(Photo was taken in May 2007).

Headstone of William Dobie, died 1802.

Robert's gggggg-father's headstone headstone in Kirkbean Churchyard.
(Photo was taken in May 2007).

Photographs © Copyright 2002- by Robert Dobie.