Corrected October 11, 2022.

Dobie Family Photographs
1920's - 2007

These photos are a very few of the many hundreds, mostly unidentified, that are stuffed into envelopes and glued into albums. I'll add to this list as time permits.

  1. Many years are approximate.
  2. William (Bill) Dobie, Port Arthur Ontario, 1927
  3. Margaret & Bill Dobie on the steps of 12 South High St., Port Arthur.
  4. Bill Dobie and fellow miners, Northern Empire Mine, Ont.
  5. Margaret & Bill Dobie at home, Northern Empire Mine, Ont.
  6. Margaret (Carlson) Dobie in canoe, Silver Islet.
  7. Bill Dobie in St. Joseph's Hospital, Port Arthur after a mining accident.
  8. "Bill Dobie Gets An Airing", News Chronicle clipping.
  9. Margaret Dobie on skis, Northern Empire Mine, Ont.
  10. Grandfather J. C. Dobie and Charles (Kit) Dobie.
  11. Kit Dobie and Mary Fraser
  12. Margaret, Charles "Kit" & Bill Dobie, probably at Magnet Mine, Ont.
  13. Cousins Kit Dobie & Mary Fraser, Port Arthur. Six photos.
  14. Kit Dobie and Ann Cox, Coville St., Virginiatown.
  15. Three generations of Dobie's at a picnic, probably at Amethyst Beach, east of Port Arthur. Two photos, probably two different picnics.
  16. Charles "Kit" and Dora Dobie, studio photo.
  17. Dora and Kit Dobie in rowboat on the Kearns River.
  18. Kit, Dora & Grandma Dobie with the Hammond & Berard boys, Kearns.
  19. Grandma Dobie (Maunie) at a picnic, probably on Larder Lake.
  20. Dora and Kit on the front steps, Kearns.
  21. Dobie & Seger family, Christmas 1948, Kearns Two photos.
  22. Margaret, Kit and Dora Dobie, front yard in Kearns
  23. Kit Dobie, front yard in Kearns, with a fish.
  24. Grandma Carlson and Dora Dobie, front yard in Kearns.
  25. Dora Dobie and Carol or Betty Comisky, winter, Kearns.
  26. Kit and Dora Dobie, Kearns.
  27. Kit Dobie off to school, front yard, Kearns.
  28. Dora & Kit Dobie and Lois Brown, Kearns.
  29. Birthday party, Kearns, Ont.: Earl Turcotte, Ojar Bikaunieks, Kit Dobie, Jim Row, Wayne Moline.
  30. The Dobies in front of their house on Kearns Avenue.
    1. Dobies' old house in Kearns, summer, 1967.
    2. Dobies' old house in Kearns, September 2005.
  31. Bill, Kit and Dora Dobie, visiting Port Arthur, 4 photos.
  32. Kit and Dora Dobie sliding on Brown's hill, pursued by Trudy the dog.
  33. Hopey McCrea, Dora Dobie, Carol & Betty Comisky, Kearns, Ont.
  34. Margaret Dobie, Anna Carlson, Dora Dobie, winter, Kearns.
  35. Dora Dobie, fourth birthday party, Sept., 1950.
  36. Dora Dobie, Kearns, winter, 1950.
  37. Dora Dobie with mysterious baby, Kearns, summer, 1950.
  38. Ben Allen and Dobie family, Kearns, summer, 1950. Two photos.
  39. Dobie picnic at Sheldon Beach, Larder Lake.
  40. Barney Carlson and Dobies at Klotz Lake, Sept. 1951.
  41. Dora & Kit Dobie on the steps of 12 South High St., Port Arthur.
  42. Grandma Carlson caught a big fish. Dora & Kit Dobie, Inta Bikaunieks, Brian Mayhew.
  43. Grandma Carlson with her sketch book at Kearns beach.
  44. Grandma Carlson with her sketch book, Larder Lake.
  45. Birthday party, Kearns, Ont., Dora and her pals, all of whom are now identified.
  46. Dora Dobie and Betty Comisky, summer, Kearns.
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  1. Dobies and Grandma Carlson, 9 Hematite Ave., Atikokan, Ont. Two photos.
  2. Charles Dobie at army cadet camp, Dundurn, Sask., 1956.
  3. Dobie, Carlson and Stanley family gathering at Nym Lake, near Atikokan Ont.
  4. Dobies and Barney & Anna Carlson, 9 Hematite Ave., Atikokan.
  5. Families of Ted and Bill Dobie in Port Arthur.
  6. Five Dobie cousins at Nym Lake.
  7. Dobies and Grandma Carlson, 9 Hematite Ave, Atikokan.
  8. Dora Meikle Dobie, Christmas at 12 South High St. Two photos.
  9. Margaret and Dora Dobie, Nym Lake in winter.
  10. Charles Dobie with his Carlson cousins in Corvallis, Oregon.
  11. Bill, Dora & Margaret Dobie in front of 12 South High St., Port Arthur. Two photos.
  12. Dobie gathering in Port Arthur, Ont. for Dora Meikle Dobie's funeral. Eight photos.
  13. Interior photos, 12 South High St., Port Arthur. Three photos.
  14. Anna Carlson with her art group. An Atikokan Progress photograph.
  15. Atikokan Anglican Church confirmation class. Dora Dobie is one member.
  16. Family of George and Helen Dobie, Ottawa, 1965.
  17. Dora Elizabeth Dobie and George Hastings Rust-D'Eye, wedding photo.
  18. Allan, Gwenyth, Helen and George Dobie at home in Ottawa.
  19. Helen Dobie near the Byward Market, Ottawa.
  20. Helen and Sheila(?) Dobie near the Byward Market, Ottawa.
  21. Bill Dobie at Cassiar, BC.
  22. George Dobie at the official opening of Old Fort William. Photos were taken July 3, 1973. (Updated November 6, 2014).
  23. Dora & George take mom to Paris.
  24. Margaret and Charles Dobie on the Oregon coast.
  25. Stained glass window at 12 South High Street, Port Arthur. Photo was taken September, 2007.
  26. Modern view of 12 South High Street, Port Arthur. Photo was taken September, 2007.