As of April 15, 2020.

This is basic info on the sortable table of Dobie records which I've extracted from, and will later extract from various public Canadian databases. Because the table is so large, I don't recommend you using it on a small device -- unless you are comfortable trying to side-scroll a table that is about two feet wide (23 columns by almost 7,000 rows).

The table is meant to be displayed on a desktop computer with a mouse pointer. The mouse takes advantage of the "hover" feature not offered by touch screens -- rest your cursor here to test it -- When you hover the cursor over any cell in the table, an information line will be displayed giving the name of the collection that record is found in. Write the name of the collection down as you may want to search it later. No, this table doesn't automagically link you to each record -- you'll have to do a tiny bit of work yourself :-)

The record collections which I searched for DOBIE records are listed below. In the future, if I see a record set which familysearch has updated, I'll extract a new set of DOBIE records and replace them in this table.

When you first display the table, the records are presented in the order they were displayed to me on familysearch. The record collections are in the order of the list below. Some sets contain as few as one record and others contain almost 900.

Here are some general questions you might have, with the answers. If I haven't answered your question, please ask me (the link to my email is at the bottom of this page).

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