Milne- & Inglis-related Documents and Photos

These Milne- & Inglis-related documents and photographs are from the estate of Dorothy (Dobie) Fraser who died in Toronto, ON, on 3 October, 1996. She was the daughter of Joshua Coatsworth Dobie and Dora Lovell Meikle. Dora Meikle was the daughter of John Lovell Meikle and Jeanne Milne, married 28 August, 1873 in Meaford, Ontario.

Items have been lifted from a master list -- only the Milne- and Inglis-related items are listed here which explains the missing sequence numbers.

  1. Small, faded and dirty photograph of a group of men. Printed photographer's name on back is: "J. HOGG, Milne's Block, Meaford". Handwriting on back of photo:
    "Left Back William
    Left Front George
    Other brothers were John, James, Robert, Alexander (who was knighted) Centre front is Alexander Milne, father of these men and of Jennie who married John Lovell Meikle (father & mother of Dora Lovell Meikle Dobie (Mrs. J.C. Dobie)"
  2. One-page letter, dated Meaford, 24th Sept. 1884. It starts "Dear James", and chats about health, etc. Signed "Your aff't Parent, Alex. Milne". On back of letter is a signature "Mr. James W. Milne".
  3. Photograph, torn in two places, of family group on lawn in front of house. Writing on back says:
    "Grandma & Grandpa Meikle (John Lovell M.) & Grandma's sister Amelia & son Blake & his children". [Their surname was Tyson].
  4. Photograph, sepia coloured, of group of three young women. On back is handwritten:
    "Amelia Milne
    Ellen Thom
    Mrs (or Mis) Smith
    Jennie Milne (Meikle)
    of Meaford"
  1. Programme -- "An original COMIC OPERA in two acts / THE PRINCESS BONNIE" etc. Names of the players include, J.C. Dobie, Mrs. J.C. Dobie, Mr. E. Dobie and Mr. Inglis Milne.
  2. Envelope containing letter and manuscript. Letter is dated Barrie, July 7/73. Text of letter:
    "Dear Miss Milne, Herewith I send you the Phrenological Analysis. In reading it you may notice some things that you would like to ask some questions about. If so drop a line to me care of Allan Miller. I shall be in Toronto in a day or two and shall not leave again until Monday. With kind regards and best wishes to all.
    I am,
    Yours very truly,
    (signed) F.W. Byron.
    Miss Jenny Milne
    The enclosed manuscript is torn and very fragile, but seems to deal with phrenology.
  1. Letter, three pages on one sheet, dated "1902 N. 18 Street / June 25". It starts "My Dear Mrs. Dobie" and it concerns the ill health of Mrs. Dobie's mother. It is signed "From Auntie Hewish". [This would be from Margaret Milne, wife of William Church Hewish, and sister of Jeanne Milne who was Dora Meikle's mother].
  2. Remembrance Card: "In Loving Remembrance of / Alexander Milne / Died July 19, 1894. Aged 81 Years 7 mon 6 days" etc.
  3. Remembrance card: "In Affectionate Remembrance / of / Alexander R. Milne, / who departed this life / January 17th, / nineteen hundred and four, / Aged 64 years. / Interred at Ross Bay Cemetery, / Victoria, B.C."
  4. Imprinted card, 4-1/2" x 7", entitled "Dr. Morris at Victoria". "Dr. Rob. Morris, Masonic Poet-Laureate, visited the Freemasons of Victoria, British Columbia, January 13th, 1888, and they honoured him . . ." etc. Half of the card consists of a poem dedicated to Bro. A.R. Milne.
  5. Studio photograph, 4-1/4" x 6-1/2" vertical, showing family group. On back is photographer's imprint: "Spencer & Hastings / Portrait and Landscape / Photographers / Fort Street, Victoria, B.C." etc. Also written on back is: "Brother John & Family" and in different hand: "With Compt of the Season to Mr. and Mrs Hewish from J and S. Milne". [See photo]
  6. Studio photograph, 4-1/4" x 6-1/2" vertical, showing adult male, facing right. On reverse is photographer's imprint: "Mrs. R. Maynard, / Photographic / Artist / (etc. 4 lines) / Corner Douglas and Johnson Sts. / Victoria, B.C." [This must be a Milne].
  7. Studio photographs about 4" x 2-1/2", with written information included. For brevity, only the written & photographer's information is described: Note: complete collection of identified photos is listed here because they may be Milne-related.
    1. James and Florence Thompson 1870;
    2. Miss Nellie Inglis (William Reid, photographer, 3 Summer Street, Aberdeen);
    3. James Hogg, Meaford (James Hogg, photo, Meaford);
    4. Duncan W. Morrison, No. 3 Camp, 31st Balts(?) Oct 1869 (W.C. Adams, photographer, Owen Sound);
    5. Mrs. James Inglis Aberdeen Scotland (William Reid, photographer, 3 Summer Street, Aberdeen);
    6. Wedding Picture, Jean Milne & John Meikle, circa 1870 (Pagets Art Gallery, Meaford, Ont.);
    7. Mrs. Sangster (H. Gordon, 26 Union Terrace, Aberdeen);
    8. Mrs. Thompson, Amelia, Jeanne Milne;
    9. Florence Thompson, 2 years old (J. Hogg's enameled cards, Meaford);
    10. Mrs. Sangster (William Reid, photographer, 3 Summer Street, Aberdeen);
    11. Mr. and Mrs. Stephens, Meaford Ont. (J.H. Davis, photographer, Milne's Block, Meaford, Ont.);
    12. "Teacher (Silcox)" (Owen Sound or Meaford newspaper used as backing);
    13. Cousin James Inglis Aberdeen (William Reid, photographer, 3 Summer Street, Aberdeen);
    14. Miss Williams / Owen Sound (W.C. Adams, photographer, Owen Sound);
    15. Mrs. Inglis / Chapel Street / Lady Lyon (J. Wood, photgrapher, 11 Crown Street, Aberdeen);
    16. Mr. & Mrs. Gallowa (sic) / Owen Sound (J. Hogg's enameled Cards, Meaford)
  8. Studio photograph, 5-1/2" x 4" horizontal, of group of four young adults or teens, two male, two female. Photo mounted on dark green card. Photographer's imprint at bottom right corner: "Cavanaugh(?) Victoria B.C." [These must be Milnes].
  9. Letter, four pages on single sheet, dated "Calgary, Jan 2nd". Starts "My Dear Dora, I can assure you Dora, I did get a shock when I received the notice of your dear mother's death." Signed "Love and Sympathy, Cousin May McKenzie, 915 - 5th Ave. West." [This is an interesting letter -- refers to her interest in family history and says "I often think of the wonderful family tree Dr. Milne had hanging on the wall. I wonder if that was sent your mother. It was a wonderful piece of art and information of ancestry."]
  10. Envelope, empty, postmarked Victoria B.C. May 14, 1937. Return address is 618 Dallas Rd. Victoria, B.C.