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Descendants of Alexander Milne and Isabella Inglis

Alexander Milne was probably the son of Alexander Milne and a woman with the surname of Peterkin. This is tentative and needs to be backed up with documentation. Note that Speymouth is a parish in Morayshire, not a town. The parish of Speymouth contains the villages of Garmouth, Kingston Port, and Mosstodlach. From John Drainie Milne's declaration on his marriage record that he was born in Garmouth, it is obvious that is where the main search should be for our MIlne ancestors.

Alexander had an older sister, Amelia or Emilia, who married John Drainie in Speymouth in 1834, and they had at least eight children. I've not researched this family extensively, but at least one of their children, John Drainie, Jr., was living in Vancouver by 1868, per the 1901 census. His first son was named John Milne Drainie, so it is fairly certain that the two familes maintained contact.

Alexander Milne was born 13-Jan-1813 in Dyke, Morayshire, Scotland, died 19-Jul-1894. He was living in Meaford, Ont. in 1880 ("The Dobie Family" by Barbara Kram), but he was living (or visiting) with his son Robert Milne in Toronto during the 1881 census, and with his daughter Margaret and her husband William Church Hewish, also in Toronto, during the 1891 census.
He married Isabella Inglis, on 9-Apr-1835 in Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland, born 1812 in Morayshire, Scotland, (daughter of John Inglis and --?--) died 4-Dec-1886 in Meaford, Ont.
Isabella: Her name in death certificate was "Elizabeth". Age stated in the 1881 census is 60, making birth year 1821. At that time she was living with her daughter Jennie Meikle's family.

  1. Margaret or Mary A. Milne, b. 28 Sep 1835 in Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland, d. 30 Jan 1913 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. She lived in Heathcote, Ont. in 1885, per Milne 50th wedding anniversary document. Margaret's given name is "Mary A." in the 1881 census, Collingwood, Ontario, but definitely "Margaret" in the 1900 US census, (Philadelphia, PA).
    She married William Church Hewish, married 10-Oct-1858 in Meaford, Ont., b. __ Sep 1831 in England (son of George Hewish and Grace Church), b. 13 Sep 1830 in England, d. 30-Dec-1909 in Philadelphia, Pa., buried 3 Jan 1910 in Philadelphia, Pa,; W. Laurel Hill Cem., occupation 1871 Storekeeper, occupation 1881 Merchant.
    William: Marriage witnesses: Alexander Milne, St. Vincent; Alexander Fraser, Toronto. Married by Rev. Thomas A. Chambers, Presby.
    1. Edgar M. Hewish, b. __ Mar 1859 in Ontario, occupation 1881 Medical student, occupation 1890 Physician, occupation 1900 Physician. He married Margaret A. Baird, married 1886, b. __ Mar 1865 in Canada. Margaret: Margaret states in the 1900 census that her mother was born in Ireland. Surname "Baird" is recorded in daughter Margaret's birth record per "Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City Births, 1860-1906" on
      1. William C. Hewish, b. __ Jun 1887 in Pennsylvania, USA.
      2. Vera Hewish, b. 5 Jun 1889 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
      3. Milne Hewish, b. 12 May 1891 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. First name not stated in birth record but this is the only Hewish born in 1891 to Edgar and Margaret Hewish in Philadelphia.
      4. Ethel Hewish, b. 5 Aug 1893 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
      5. Helen Hewish, b. __ Nov 1894 in Pennsylvania, USA.
      6. Dorothea Hewish, b. __ May 1898 in Pennsylvania, USA.
      7. boy Hewish, b. 26 Jun 1900 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
      8. Baird Hewish, b. 19 Dec 1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., d. 21 Dec 1904 in Philadelphia, PA; 2133 Columbia Ave.
      9. Margaret Hewish, b. 26 Mar 1906 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
    2. George A. Hewish, b. 1860 - 1862 in Ontario, occupation 1881 Merchant. There is a George Hewis in the town of Midland, 1901 census, born 10 Dec. 1848, blacksmith, a lodger in the home of David Hewis, who might be this man.
    3. Albert Hewish, b. about 1863 in Ontario, occupation 1881 Merchant.
    4. Harold C. Hewish, b. __ Sep 1867 in Ontario, occupation 1890 Student, occupation 1900 Dentist. His age stated in the 1871 and 1881 censuses puts his birth year at about 1867. However in the 1900 US census (Philadelphia, PA) he states his birth date as Sept. 1872. I think the month is probably correct. The "C" middle initial (probably for "Church") first seen in the 1900 US census.
    5. Herbert Hewish, b. 22 Feb 1873 in Ontario.
    6. Alfred Hewish, b. __ Apr 1876 in Ontario, occupation 1900 Dentistry student. His birth year is stated as April 1880 in the 1900 US census (Philadelphia), making him 20, but he was 4 years old in the 1881 census (Collingwood, Ontario). I'm assuming that April is correct.
  2. Ann Peterkin Milne, b. about 1837 in Scotland, d. 4-May-1861 in St. Vincent, Ont.
  3. Alexander Roland Milne, born 20 Dec 1838 in Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland, died 18-Jan-1904 in Victoria, B.C., buried in Victoria, B.C.; Ross Bay Cemetery, occupation 1881 Customs officer, occupation 1890 Customs collector. Marriage witnesses: Alexander Thompson, Meaford; Isabella Milne, St. Vincent. Married by Rev. George Bennett, Methodist. Name "Roland" from B.C. Death Index. Place of death: No. 17 Queen's Ave, Victoria. The 1881 census gives his age as 38, making his birth year 1843.
    He married (1) Maria E. McKay, married 14-Jul-1862 in Meaford, Ont., born about 1840 in Canada West, (daughter of John McKay and Sarah A. [--?--]).
    He married (2) Annie Fry, married 22 Nov 1890 in Victoria, BC, born in U.S.A.
    Annie: Annie was a widow, wife of the late George Fry, a port of Victoria customs collector. No death record found for him (per Danda Humphries' article in Victoria Times-Columnist). In the 1901 census, Annie gives her racial origin as "Indian". Her surname was spelled "Frye" in her marriage record.
  4. John Drainie Milne, born 12 Oct 1840 in Garmouth, Morayshire, Scotland, occupation 29 Nov 1876 Boilermaker, occupation Joseph Spratt's Foundry, Victoria, BC, occupation 1901 Boiler maker. "Drainie" from his marriage record. Lived in Victoria, B.C. in 1885, per Milne 50th wedding anniversary document.
    He married 29 Nov 1876, Susan Petrie, born 30 Mar 1841 in Bary, Forfar, Scotland, (daughter of Samuel Petrie and Elizabeth [--?--]). See the image of their marriage record.
    1. Isabella Inglis Milne, b. 25 Sep 1877 in Victoria, BC, baptized 26 Nov 1877 in Victoria, BC; First United Church. Middle name spelled "Ingles" in birth record and "Inglis" in baptismal record.
    2. James McDonald Milne, b. 30 Oct 1879 in Victoria, BC, baptized 5 Jan 1880 in Victoria, BC; First United Church, occupation 1901 Clerk, dry goods.
    3. Edgar George Milne, b. 27 Mar 1881 in Victoria, BC, occupation 1901 Telegraph operator.
    4. Elizabeth Ramsay Milne, b. 20 Mar 1883 in Victoria, BC, occupation 1901 Stenographer. Birth day in census is March 28. Birth day in birth record is March 20.
  5. Isabella Brownlee Milne, born 27 Nov 1842 in Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland. Lived in Meaford, Ont. in 1885, per Milne 50th wedding anniversary document.
    She married Alexander Thompson, married 26-Feb-1864 in Thornbury, Ont., born about 1834 in Ireland, (son of Adam Thompson and Mary Ann Ferguson). Alexander: Marriage witness: Elliot Thompson, Meaford. Married by Rev. John Gould, Presbyterian, Thornbury, C.W. Alexander's age is given as 51 in the 1881 census, making his birth year 1830.
    1. William Albert Thompson, b. __-Jan-1865 in Ontario, d. 5-Nov-1888 in Meaford, Ont., buried 8-Nov-1888 in Meaford, Ont.
    2. Alexander George Thompson, b. __-Dec-1866 in Ontario, d. 13-Sep-1887 in Meaford, Ont., buried 15-Sep-1887 in Meaford, Ont.; Meaford Cemetery.
    3. Edith Thompson, b. 4 May 1871 in St Vincent, Grey, Ontario.
    4. Anna Florence Thompson, b. 1 Oct 1872 in St Vincent Twp , Grey, Ontario, b. about 1873 in Ontario.
    5. Frank Ferguson Thompson, b. 4 Apr 1876 in Meaford, Grey, Ontario.
    6. Nettie Louisa Thompson, b. 16 Oct 1878 in Meaford, Grey, Ontario.
    7. Irenne Olive Thompson, b. 5 Feb 1886 in Meaford, Grey, Ontario.
  6. James W. Milne, born 26 Sep 1844 in Scotland. Lived in Toronto in 1885, per Milne 50th wedding anniversary document.
  7. Robert Young Milne, born 20 Sep 1846 in Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland, occupation Merchant. Marriage witnesses: John L. Meikle, John McDonald, Meaford. Married by Archibald Brown, Presbyterian. Lived in Toronto in 1885, per Milne 50th wedding anniversary document, lived in Los Angeles in 1925, per J.L. Meikle obituary.
    He married Lucy McDonald, married 21-Jan-1873 in Meaford, Ont., born 1851 in Galt, Ont., (daughter of William McDonald and Lucy Hamilton).
    1. Alexander Milne, b. 25-Jan-1875 in Meaford, Ont.
    2. Robert Lawson Milne, b. 11-May-1877 in Meaford, Ont. He is listed as "Wm L. Milne" in the 1881 census.
    3. Anna B. Milne, b. about 1879 in Ontario.
    4. Arthur Inglis Milne, b. 9 Sep 1888 in Toronto, Ont.
  8. Amelia Milne, born 10 Sep 1848 in Scotland. Lived in Clarksburg, Ont. in 1885, per Milne 50th wedding anniversary document; living in New York in 1925, per J.L. Meikle obituary.
    She married John Henry Tyson, born 1849 in Ontario, occupation 1881 Miller. John Tyson is stated as being of German ancestry and a Presbyterian.
    1. Thomas Wesley Tyson, b. 14 Apr 1874 in King, York, Ontario. Name in 1881 census is "W. Thomas Wesley Tyson".
    2. Isabella (Belle) Ingles Tyson, b. 25 Feb 1876 in King, York, Ontario, occupation Nurse. Belle is mentioned in J.L. Meikle's obituary in 1925.
    3. Frederic H. Tyson, b. __ Jul 1881 in Ontario. "Frederic" spelling is from the 1881 census.
    4. Blake Tyson. Shown in a group photo with his mother and his three children.
    5. James Richmond Tyson, b. 26 Sep 1884 in Collingwood Township, Grey, Ontario.
    6. Alexander Milne Tyson, b. 3 Aug 1887 in Collingwood, Grey, Ontario.
  9. George Lawson Milne, born 19 Apr 1850 in Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland, baptized 19 May 1850 in Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland, died 13 Mar 1933 in Victoria, BC, occupation 1880 Medical Doctor, occupation 1881 Physician, occupation 1885 Medical health officer for the city of Victoria, occupation 1901 Doctor of medicine, occupation 1903 Immigration (medical) officer for Port of Victoria. Middle name "Lawson" is from Henderson's Guide for the City of Victoria, 1890. Page 207. He gives his birth month as April in the 1901 census (Victoria). There is an entry for George Lawson Milne on Wikipedia.
    He married Ellen Catherine (Nellie) Kinsman, married 6 Dec 1882 in Victoria, BC, born 6 May 1865, died 1941.
  10. William Anning Milne, b. 1 Jan 1852 in Speymouth, Moray, Scotland, baptized 1 Feb 1852 in Speymouth, Moray, Scotland, d. 16 Oct 1924 in Port Arthur, Ont.; St. Joseph's Hospital. Birth date stated on the 1901 census is Jan. 1, 1855 (Toronto). Birth date stated on the 1911 census is July 1855 (Port Arthur).
    He married (1) Martha Georgena (Jennie) Leroy, married 8 Jan 1879 in Clarksburg, Grey Co., Ontario, b. 1858 (daughter of Peter Francis LeRoy and Mary Jane McCauley), b. 24 Apr 1868 in Ontario, d. 5 May 1893 in Petrolia, Lambton County, Ontario. Martha: Full name of Martha Georgena Leroy was given to me in an email from Cathy Gray, March 14, 2013. In most records it is "Jennie".
    He married (2) Harriet Loretta Leroy, married 5 Dec 1895 in Toronto, York, ON (daughter of Peter Francis LeRoy and Mary Jane McCauley).
    1. Georgina's children: Clarence, Frank, Lena, Inglis
      Georgina's children: Clarence, Frank,
      Lena, and Inglis in the middle.
      George Francis Milne, (son of William Anning Milne and Martha Georgena (Jennie) Leroy) b. 13 Feb 1880 in Ontario. Note that George's only given name was Frances in the 1891 census.
    2. John Clarence Milne, Capt., (son of William Anning Milne and Martha Georgena (Jennie) Leroy) born 27 Sep 1882 in Collingwood or Thornbury, Ont., died 16-Jun-1916 in Belgium, buried in Belgium; Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. "John" from Virtual Canadian War Memorial website and from 1901 census (Toronto). Name is "John Clarence" in the 1901 census (Toronto) with birth year of 1882; "Clarence" only in the 1911 census (Port Arthur), with a birth year of 1885; and in 1914 he gave his birth year as 1887 on his military attestation papers. He was a Captain in the Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment). Thornbury Ontario birthplace is from his attestation papers. See a studio portrait of him in uniform on my history website.
    3. Helena Irene Milne, (son of William Anning Milne and Martha Georgena (Jennie) Leroy) b. 21 Jun 1884 in Howard Township, Kent, Ontario, d. 18 Sep 1927 in Port Arthur ON; St Joseph's Hospital. Birth year given as 1888 in the 1911 census (Port Arthur). Her given name is "Lena" in most records but Helena Irene is used in her death record.
    4. Inglis LeRoy Milne, (son of William Anning Milne and Martha Georgena (Jennie) Leroy) b. 20 Dec 1886 in Howard, Kent, ON, occupation 1911 Bartender.
    5. Jean Macaulay Milne, (daughter of William Anning Milne and Harriet Loretta Leroy) b. 15 Jul 1901 in Port Arthur, Ont., d. 2 May 1990 in Sudbury, ON, buried 7 May 1990 in Oakville, Halton, ON. She married Bernard Armel Culpeper, married 27 Jan 1927, b. 4 Jan 1896 in Barbados, d. 19 Sep 1977 in Oakville, Halton, ON.
      1. Bernard LeRoy Culpeper, b. 20 Jul 1928 in Port Arthur, ON, d. 5 Aug 1994 in Sudbury, ON, buried in Sudbury, ON. He married Ruth Isobel Clark, married 1955 in Montreal, QC, b. 13 Jun 1927 in Milltown, St. Stephen, NB, d. 23 Nov 1986 in Sudbury, ON, buried in Sudbury, ON.
        1. Two children
    6. Margaret Loretta Milne, (daughter of William Anning Milne and Harriet Loretta Leroy) b. 19 Feb 1904 in Port Arthur, Ont. "Margaret Loretta Milne" on birth record but "Margaret F. Milne" on 1911 census record.
    7. Elizabeth "Betty" Milne, (daughter of William Anning Milne and Harriet Loretta Leroy) b. __ Mar 1907 in Ontario. Name in 1911 census is "Betta". However, I have a note, per my mother Margaret Dobie, that Jean Milne had a sister Betty.
    8. SEE MORE PHOTOS OF THIS FAMILY. Photos are courtesy of Cathy Gray who is related through the LeRoy family. (Updated March 18, 2013)
  11. Jeanne (Jennie) Milne, born 20 Feb 1854 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, died 8-Dec-1934 in Port Arthur, Ont., buried 10-Dec-1934 in Port Arthur, Ont.; Riverside Cemetery, baptized 2 Apr 1854 in Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland. There are several different ages stated for her -- age given as 24 in the 1881 census (New Hamburg) making birth year 1857; age given as 32 in the 1891 census (Port Arthur) making birth year 1859. In addition, list of birth dates on scrap of ribbon found in Dorothy Fraser's documents (Oct. 1996) includes an entry: "Jennie 1 Dec. 1858". However, her death card gives her age as 80, making 1854 the correct birth year, and her birth date stated on the 1901 census is 20 Feb. 1854, as is her birth record on the LDS Scotland brith index. where her given name is "Jane".
    She married John Lovell Meikle, married 28-Aug-1873 in Meaford, Ont., born 12 Aug 1848 in Lachute, Que., (son of William Meikle and Theodorah (Dora) Lovell) baptized 9 Sep 1848 in Lachute, Que., died 26-Aug-1925 in Port Arthur, Ont., buried 28-Aug-1925 in Port Arthur, Ont.; Riverside Cemetery, occupation Merchant, postmaster, occupation 1881 Clerk. Meikle family Bible gives birth date as Aug. 11, 1848. He died of "disordered action of the heart". Attending doctor was Dr. J.A. Crozier. Read the obituary of John Lovell Meikle.
    1. James Milne Meikle, born 9-Jul-1876 in Meaford, Ont., died cir 1884.
    2. Dora Lovell Meikle, born 22-Aug-1880 in New Hamburg, Ont., died 27-Mar-1963 in Port Arthur, Ont., buried 30-Mar-1963 in Port Arthur, Ont.; Riverside Cemetery. She married Joshua Coatsworth Dobie, married 27-Jun-1905 in Port Arthur, Ont., born 5-Oct-1870 in Wellington Mines, Ont., (son of William Currie Dobie and Sarah Dorothy Coatsworth) died 6-May-1943 in Toronto, Ont., buried 10-May-1943 in Port Arthur, Ont.; Riverside Cemetery, occupation Gen. Merchant.
      1. See the listing for this DOBIE line.
    3. Russell Meikle, born 8-Jul-1885 in Port Arthur, Ont., died 9-Aug-1961 in Toronto, Ont., buried 12-Aug-1961 in Port Arthur, Ont., occupation Govt. of Ont. civil servant. Marriage witnesses: Lora L. Thompson, Montreal; Ellen Jane Elliott, Prescott. M. by A.E. Rummells (?). Russell lived at 310 Rushton Rd., Toronto, at time of his death (death notice). He married Helen Rhea Whitney, married 31-May-1911 in Prescott, Ont., born 31-Oct-1889 in Prescott, Ont., (daughter of James Henry Whitney and Annah Mary Lane) died about 1991 in Montreal, Que. See 1972 letter from Helen Rhea (Whitney) Meikle to Duncan Meikle.
      1. Baby boy Meikle, born 28-Aug-1918 in Port Arthur, Ont., died 28-Aug-1918 in Port Arthur, Ont.
      2. John James Meikle, born 28-Jul-1919 in Port Arthur, Ont., died cir 1989 in Victoria, B.C. Was living in Victoria in 1961 (father's death notice). He married Mary Catherine Carr, (details excluded).
        1. At least three grand-children
      3. Annah-Jean Whitney Meikle, b. 9-Jan-1921 in Port Arthur, Ont., d. 20 Jun 2005 in Beaconsfield, QC. She married Louis William Henry Beaton. Married in Ottawa, ON. Four children.